AFV Resin Bases


We are pleased to announce the start of our brand new range of our AFV cast resin/MDF bases.

This range consists of raw MDF with a cast resin finish, of different styles and finishes.

These bases are produced by placing our MDF bass into a silicone mould and casting direct onto and through the MDF base. See the attached pics to see how this is done.

Our AFV bases will primarily focus on 1/35th scale, with the first lot of bases now been released.

These can be ordered HERE

We have plans for more bases, sizes, styles etc, and these will be released over time.

We also have a few more masters ready or near to mould, so keep an eye out for these.

Most of these bases will be based on our standard size base measurements.

The start of our resin bases are now in stock and production and available for immediate ORDER.